Silly Sundays… New Series Debut


Hey hey hey, Poptasticans! Today I’m gonna start putting out the series! Here is the real prologue, I hope you enjoy! Oh and I’ll show you the image for the series later. It’s called United Force.

Characters (Main):

  1. Magic Sinker: Magic & Color
  2. Brave Burger: Forest & Creation
  3. Greedy Clown: Fear & Animals
  4. Cheerful Heart: Destruction & Emotion
  5. Sneaky Lightning: Electricity (Lightning) & Smartness
  6. Nice Snowball: Weather & Life
  7. Lucky Wing: Luck & Energy
  8. Fierce Flyer: Peace & Mind Control 
  9. DJ Vampi (Trusty Bear): Trust & Animals 

Characters (Minor):

  1. TBA
  2. Nice Biker
  3. (Ms.) Silver Star
  4. Mighty Flame


“I’m back from the movies!” Shouted Magic Sinker, climbing up the ladder to the tree fort.

“What new movies were there?” Asked Brave Burger, peering out from the trapdoor.

“Not much.” Though before Fidgetmore–” She stopped. “Oh! That rhymes!”

A completely ticked off Greedy Clown stated, “Oh we don’t care about your rhymes. Go on, we don’t got all day!”

“Why you so mad? Questioned Curious Dragon, Cheerful Heart, and Sneaky Lightning in unison.

“If you let Magic Sinker speak, then maybe you’d understand what’s going on!”

“As I was saying…” Magic Sinker continued, “In the ad break at the cinema, it showed what will happen in the future if we don’t save our world, Poptropica! There will be a collision between all the planets surrounding our beautiful world. Meh. So, the movie was about, um, I’ve forgotten. Oh well.”

Curious Dragon shuddered at the thought of Poptropica being destroyed. To cheer her up, Nice Snowball cheerfully said, “Let’s go out for ice-cream! To get our minds off this disaster.

As the seven left to the nearest Ice-cream parlour, Ice N’ Cream, a small metal bug scurried down the tree and into the field. A UFO-looking object came down from the sky and picked up the bug. A low mumble came from it.

Sneaky Lightning, hearing all pitches, turned around just in time to see it going up higher and higher. She muttered something about seeing things to herself, and ran forward.

One chapter will publish at least once a week. Bye!

ShayMagicSivkerREALOGO copy_001

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