Lots of Newness!

Hi! Today I am gonna post alot of stuff! Where should I begin… Oh, i know, what about the newEST header! Sorry I didn’t keep the old one up for even a week. I was just practicing with aI and I am good at it! I made some new logos and images for lots of things aka Mon-Sun. Look!


First, you see our new logo, which isn’t the header but I will put it on all my pictures starting whenever I feel like it.

ShayMagicSivkerREALOGO copy_001

This next one is Magic Sinker’s new logo, hence the name MS.


This is the image for MYSTERY MONDAYS.




This is the humongous image for WONDERFULLY WACKY WEDNESDAYS.




This is the one that I don’t like the most. I hope you guys like it! It’s the image for FREAKY FUN FRIDAYS.


This is the also gigantic image for SUPER SATURDAYS.


And, drumroll… I love this one, It is the image for SUPER SUNDAYS!

Oh, and we have a Pet Mascot named Crazy Cheetah (Ironic, right?! Cheetah=Cat? Nevermind.)


Username is private. Sorry. So now we have two mascots! I hope you like her!

Okay, so let me actually start the post. 

Today I went on several Discord servers and many DMs, and found out some info about islands and Pop Worlds. So I asked everyone online their fave island and if they were excited for Poptropica Worlds.

Yes!:                                                                     5

Sure?:                                                                  1

Sort of:                                                                1

Not Really:                                                         2

No.:                                                                      2

A total of… 11 peeps! What are your thoughts? Tell us on the comments! Anyway, It seems like the majority of the people are curious about it. Which is good! I am also happy for it. The Creators don’t seem to have any new updates apart from t he new stuff, which was posted about a week ago so… I was, um, a bit, um, late.

Next, I did a survey of our fave islands. So I did a random sample. They were (oh and the numbers inside the ()s are how many people liked the island):

  • Escape from Pelican Rock (2)
  • Reality TV (1)
  • Mythology (3)
  • Red Dragon (1)
  • Virus Hunter (1)
  • Survival (1)
  • Steamworks (1)
  • Counterfeit (2)
  • Astro-Knights (3)
  • Arabian Nights Ep. 3 (1)
  • Wimpy Wonderland (1)
  • Time Tangled (1)
  • 24 Carrot Island (2)
  • MotM (1)

So, a total of… 21 peeps! The islands that got the most are….. ASTRO-KNIGHTS and MYTHOLOGY!!!!! Followed by Escape From Pelican Rock and 24 Carrot Island? Yes! I love these two!

So anyway, the voting has stopped. It stopped a few days ago! I have nothing else to say except, NEW FANFIC! The PopElementals

A city in ruins. New heroes from around the universe. Planets collide with Poptropica. New Element Powers for a select few Poptropicans who survived the tragedy. Villains scheme to destroy this new elite team. And to destroy Poptropica. We must prepare for battle.

Excited for it? Want to be in it? Tell me in the comments! I’ll start it wjen I have everyone who’s gonna be a character (main or minor) in the series. Could be about a short chapter book’s length.

Oh and another Fashion File!


Sassy Cyborg Steampunk!

Bye guys! Hope you enjoyed this long post.

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