New Header, Background, and 1,000 Hits!

Hi guys, I know I said that I wouldn’t post, but here I am! I love blogging. In these past few months its grown on me like a… a… creeping poison Ivy plant. Well, first, I would like to say a BIG thank you to BraveBurger and Greedy Clown for helping me keep this blog ‘active’ in April. You guys are awesome! Which brings me to another one if my points, we have 1,000+ hits! Yay! Thank you for reading this blog. Really. At first I started it just for fun but I really like blogging as I mentioned before! And my co-authors do too. I hope. And now we have a new header and background! Have you seen them? Well of course you have, you are looking at the background as you read. Thank you Bendy Flyer for bringing up the topic that I needed to change it. I am taking a survey of what I should do to improve my blog in May. It will start Monday next week and end 29th April. Also, WE MIGHT HAVE A 1,000+ HITS PARTAYYY!! What, whaaaat?! Yup, this time I am telling the truth. Though I haven’t yet decided when it should be. Thanks again. Baiiii!

For the first time in a while, MS out!

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