Silly Saturdays…

HI fellow citizens, braveburger here. Remember this that magicsinker forgot to post last Sunday (sorry this blog has been inactive for a couple of days because we all didn’t have internet)?

Hai! Were you guys able to decode what I did yesterday? Oh, and sorry for not being able to attend anything for small blog awareness day… I’ll check out the next multiverse party! Anyway, if you weren’t able to decode what I said yesterday, just go to and click binary to text, then copy what I just typed into the box.

So, here are a few snapshots of what has been going on lately, again sorry for the quality of my posts lately and the absence of The Adventures of Magic Sinker, the staff on this blog have been really busy with some… -cows. splat. impromptu. staff. bluff. – Well, you’ll see later! OH! I’ve said too much already!

Yeah, I know I posted it late. And yes, this is Brave Burger. With a stopwatch or something??? In her hand?

So, y’all who think forty is a bad score, lookit what I did!

This is my high score. I used a mouse. Don’t laugh, on your second try, what did you get?

Sorry, mom for showing them this! Yep, this is what my mom got when she played this game. OK, now they’re just mocking people. “Congratulations! You scored Zero!

I’m guessing Greedy Clown is happy for this power! *hint, hint, wink, wink! She’s a twin herself!*

That’s all I got! But the movie theater/theatre seems a bit suspicious… I wonder what’ll be in there?

Since I am using Microsoft Word 2013, I can write in as big a font, (and in any font) as I want (though I dunno if it’ll show in your reader, or even in WordPress at all!) So…




Yup, that was Magic Sinker’s post, but here’s mine!!!


IT IS NOW OPEN!!!!! But I won’t get my hopes up.


The movies in there are clearly for 8-, I had a hard time looking at the screen!

So there’s your update, bye poptropic- WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! AAAAAH!!!!

Dr. Hare: MUAHAHAHAHA- oops, I just coughed up a hairball.  Where was I? Oh, ya. I’M TAKING OVER YOUR BLOG!!!



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