Terrific Tuesdays… Theory(ish): Do Poptropicans Think That They are Real!?

Hye, Poptropica-savvy guys! Today I am going to tell you a thriller theory, based on our espionage Poptropicans. Hey might think that they are REAL! OK, I am making too big of a deal about this. But what if they actually do? Well here are some reasons to support my statement:

  • Well, all I have to say for this first one is that they do think that hey are real! Why not! After being here on our digital devices for so long (since 2007 to be precise), they have adapted to knowing that they are real. I think their ancestors,  or the Poptropicans who have been here since the ‘Big Bang’ of Poptropica, spruced up the boring, lame old story hat Poptropica was just a computer game.                                    
  • Why do you think they are so stubborn and defiant sometimes? Poptropicans feel they are real, and needless to say, they think they are real, too! Here is my evidence: Today, while Brave Burger and I were playing Poptropica over the Lunch break (no, we aren’t total Pop players and nothing else, we do lots of other things, though I think I am going down a rabbit-hole… lemme continue!) And A.G-Oops! I just called her by her real name! Well, since you know now, I can stop calling her Brave Burger on my personal blog, but sorry, I’m not telling her real real name. As I was saying, BRAVE BURGER was doing Super Villain island and her Poptropican was being stubborn,  jumping really slow. It could be argued that the Internet was slow, but at our school, we have super fast WiFi. Ha!
  • Maybe, we just think that Poptropicans aren’t really.  Maybe they are real! Who knows! Well maybe they do. 😦 XD

Magic Sinker: But we are real, Shay!

Me: No, you’re not. Let’s just stop there, MS.

Magic Sinker: Oh, fine. But I’m saying the goodbyes! Nyanyanyanyanyaaaaa! Alright,  bye folks, see you next time on The Poptas-

Me: Ugh, I’ll finish. Bye guys! Oh, and Spring is in the air at Poptropica! Get your free springy-stuff over at Pop. Where I live, there is no Spring, just one lone, warm Summer. And no Winter. Not the point.

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