Silly Saturdays… Comic Strips! 

Hi! Sorry, I haven’t posted in quite a while. In my defence,  school has made me really busy!🏫📚📚📚📖📖 

I have a comic strip here for y’all guys. Oh and check the pictures on the last post to see if they’ve loaded yet, I have reloaded them.

I hope to be making more of these comics.

Here is a challenge for you guys!:

AN ART CONTEST!!!! It can be anything Poptropica related, and should be rated G or PG! The grand winner will be put on the background, or on the header image. BUT, the catch for this is that it will have to be The Poptastic Blog related, or Magic Sinker related. It ends on April Fools’ Day. Then, I will publish the winning comic strip here on my blog, and on my Twitter account.

On an unrelated note, I am going to make a YouTube channel for Poptropica! My first video will be… Poptropica Fun Fashion Frenzy Show! In his episode, Poptropicans will be showing of their fashionable clothes!

Oh and if you are wondering what he comic strip meant, it means… if the creators are going to keep ‘modernizing’ Poptropica, then they won’t focus on the real game and neither would we. It really is a controversial statement/moral/comic strip. I will update you on the fashion show when the video is ready. Bye-bye!

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