Typical Tuesdays… Wonderful Women!

Hellow Poppers! As you all know, tomorrow is Women’s Day! So I am doing a top 20 Women Of Poptropica! Starting with me (sorry I just wanted to show off my meme.)

Here is the meme…

And here are the rest of the pics! Who are your favourite women in Poptropica (it could be girls, too, and don’t get offended if your name doesn’t appear here, I didn’t have enough space… or couldn’t find you on the internet.)


[Above pic: I love their costumes!] 

Sorry I just had to include this last one:

Can you spot the hair?

Oh and here is the Discord server, I won’t be able to have the party if no one is there, ya?!

Bye!! Peace. No Haterz. Plz check out Magical Moments of Me! Bye again.;)

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