Wondering Wednesdays… How did Poptropica Originate? Theory Time!

Hi! Did you like yesterday’s post? We will be talking about something that every Poptropican has wondered about; Poptropica. Where did it come from!

I have a few theories of my own here, but do not take this seriously, they are just theories, and nothing more. 

  1. Poptropica was not a game. This may sound a bit confusing, but still, I mean that Pop was actually a real world! And then it was put into a game form by some kind of trauma, such as radiation or nuclear waste. See the jail on Super Power Island and the waste on Early Poptropica? This may be residue of the change. Oh no… his may happen to our world, too!
  2. Maybe, just maybe, Poptropica was in a virus that struck our electronics, causing Pop to exist. I can’t support this theory to much, so many facts are not true, but give it a chance!
  3. Or Poptropica is maybe just a dream! I will theorise this tomorrow.

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