Thoughtful Thursdays… Official Launch!

Hi! As you have seen in the title, you us have been waiting so long. Here you go!

So, today I am going to officially launch The Adventures of Magic Sinker today! I am going to start with Pelican Rock Island, though. Anyways, let’s stop the chit chat and get on with it. Oh, I am continuing from the sneak peek No. 2

In my cell, I was told, by two guards, one stupid one named Nightingale. Food, clothing, and shelter, huh? Well I won’t be here for long. I thought, giving her the Evil Eye. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a cup, and immediately I knew that I would use this in the future.  If not, it would still be a free cup! I’ve got nothing to lose I thought aloud.

And with that, I shut my eyes and went to sleep.
I woke up to completely different surroundings, the bright light was blinding my eyes! Suddenly, a voice from behind me, a voice that I recognised from the night before, said,  “Go socialise with your inmates! This is an order, not a question.” Even though at the time I was mischievous, I decided to obey her orders for my own safety.
I dragged along, hoping that there were some nice inmates. “I’ll get revenge on you, Booted Bandit! Even if it’s the last thing I do!” I heard in the background,  but I payed no attention to the voice because in my head I was thinking the exact same thing. Up the stairs I jumped, noticing a leak, which I could use in the future.  I’ve never actually known her name, and still don’t till this very day!
We talked a bit, but what stood out from our conversation was the fact that she said something to the tune of,  “You can get anything here if you know who to ask”… I socialised with the rest of the inmates, Flashy and Big Tuna were particularly mean. I could see the hatred in Big Tuna’s eyes. Suddenly, a shrill voice sounded, calling us to the front of the recreation center.
“Alright, chumps! You know the drill. Fall in line.” It was Warden Sharp, as I had seen on her ‘Always watching’ statue. Rolling my eyes, I got a punishment for disrespecting the what-you-may-call a warden here. I knew that I had to escape this place. And fast.

I want to do this in sections, moreover chapters, so I can’t do anything more. Bye!!!!!

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