Mystery Mondays…

Hello! Sorry that this is late… Mystery Tuesdays, am I right? Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Hmm, what should I do today? *thinks while staring into space* oh why not a top five? Oh yes yes yussssssssssssssss! No, no. I will save that for tomorrow. I will do something boring, that has nothing to do with Poptropica! Like my stuffed animals in a meeting! Whoops! Today, I’ll do a post about how old our Poptropicans really are! I feel like I’ve done this before… oh well! What’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s face it:  even if we might be 99+, we still count as kids in the world of Poptropica. I have some facts to prove my point. 

  1. On Timmy Failure Island, the lady in the shop says that she won’t let kids into the bowling alley.
  2. They’re signs that show that we are kids, even if we are like Mr. Thinknoodles. And why don’t we go to work? Duh, because WE ARE KIDS!! Sorry, I freaked out.
  3. I doubt we grow in Poptropica. Apart from the fact that our future life flashed before our eyes in Time Tangled Island.

 I think I have proven my point. Sorry it was short, guys. Bye!

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