Super Sundays… Is Poptropica Educational/ How Educational is Poptropica?

Hey everybody Magic Sinker with you! Today I’ll be talking about something that everyone who blogs about Poptropica has talked about since, well, forever.

I think Poptropica is just on the brink of being educational. What I mean is that Poptropica isn’t one of those games that is based solely on education, but also is not one of those games that is stupid and doesn’t teach you anything.

I agree with that statement because most islands actually teach a lesson, even if you may not need to use it in real life. Example: Pelican Rock Island. You hopefully won’t need to learn how to escape Alcatraz…

But you can also gain tips from this game, like my friend Sneaky Lightning didn’t know what a phonograph was until she played Time Tangled Island. Actually, she knew the first song played on the phonograph, Mary had a little lamb.

Now I’m going to post some pictures showing how education the following islands are. Sorry that I didn’t post about Mystery Train Island, it isn’t on the map.

This island wasn’t really that educational, but it was on average more educational than some islands such as MotM, and Galactic Hot Dogs Island. It taught me how to survive in the wilderness. And I played it on my phone, not tablet.

This island taught me how to escape from Pelican Rock while being sneaky, and it was actually fun, not nerdy.

First of all, don’t mind the ‘note’ in school notebooks for Time Tangled Island. I liked this island because it taught you about history etc. You know what I mean. It’s kinda odd how Poptropica has the same people as us, such as Timbuktu/ Mali Empire, and the people who climbed Everest.

Mythology teaches us about Greek Mythology,  so if you are doing a unit on hat it is very useful. Bye! Oops, I forgot to post my discord server.! Bye

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