Silly Saturdays… Theory: The Mystery Behind the Poptropolis Games, and Another one at the End!

Hello! Today I’m doing a theory about the Poptropolis Games. It is going to be long, so get comfortable!

First things first: when the Poptropolis Games rose, we all had to choose tribes (go Wildfire!) and participate. Guess who won? Wildfire! Anyways, why and how was this rare and mysterious island risen from the dead? That’s what we’ll be uncovering today.

Poptorpica has never actually had a sports island, so this was really fun. I’m guessing that this island was raised because of two either-or questions:

  1. Poptropica held a petition or something like that for all Poptropicans to sign when the Tribes feature came out. I support this theory because if there were tribes, there needed to be something to do with them, not just choose them and sit around duh-ing. Even if there wasn’t a petition, our Poptropicans met up together in a secret meeting place that we do not know about. Which I’ll post about below after this theory. But afterwards, maybe the Poptropicans didn’t know that this was going to lead to the rise of the Games, and instead they thought that Mother Sea had listened to their requests and gave in to rising of the Poptropolis Games. But maybe it will fall again due to the lack of visitors? We never know. But how did it mysteriously sink? I will tell you that next. 
  2. Maybe, just maybe it sank when Poptropica was created which was back in 2007. And we decided to bring it back, because well, the sea couldn’t hold it forever!  Or maybe the earthquake on Back Lot Island shook it up to sea level!

Where is this secret meeting place that the Poptropicans meet in? We cannot know until one of us visits Pop. It is probably the Arcade, but I’m not sure. But all the peeps in Wildfire visit their common room. I allow you to do a theory on this, just link it here. Keep in mind that this is just a theory, and I highly doubt that it is true. Bye!

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