Fun Fridays… Double B (me)’s First Real Post!

Hi it’s BraveBurger again!;)

So, today I will talk about Pelican Rock Island and Reality TV Island, the islands of the month for February!

Don’t be discouraged if you fail Pelican Rock, I know it is hard, my only advise for y’all  is don’t get hit by the spotlight!! you will know what I mean when you get there. As for Reality TV, I don’t really have any advice, but you can contact me on discord, my username is Brave Burger!!

On another note, we have a new popping mascot!!! His name is Red Lobster, and we’ll have a picture posted here soon. Username is testingdummypop!

On the newest post on the Poptropica Blog, there is something that we could’nt ever have known:

“And last but not least, Poptropica Creator Red Lightning has a sweet dog named Rubbles who seems to have a taste for rabbits…

Don’t worry, no evil rabbits were harmed in the taking of those photos. I think.” THERE IS ANOTHER CRETOR THAT WE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT!!!!

Have you seen the new sneak peak for Poptropica Worlds (I know, I’m used to calling it New Poptropica)? Here is a picture:

Pop Worlds 2017 graphic.png

Wow, those graphics are… nevermind. But I’m looking forward to it!!! It’s kinda funny that Club Penguin Island and Poptropica Worlds are coming out in the same season! Mysterious.

Bye! See you later!

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