Wondering Wednesdays… One of the Bravest Tomatoes!

Hello! Today, I’m going to interview Brave Tomato, one of the most loved PHB staff. Here it is! Sorry, I copied and pasted…

1. What is your favorite island in Poptropica?    

(Sorry for the colossal space…)

My favorite is Mythology Island. Always has been- it introduced me to something I ended up growing interest in and it latched me into the game. 

2. What is your least favourite island?

My least favorite is Wimpy Boardwalk. It’s mainly because I have a vendetta against the ridiculously hard (for me) Thunder Volt, and I haven’t completed the bonus quest to this day. Aside from that, it doesn’t exactly have anything memorable about it for me. 

3. Are you excited about the Poptropica Worlds coming out this Spring?

I am cautiously hopeful about Poptropica Worlds. I love the idea of taking a new kind of approach to the game and I’m more than willing to give it a chance. Either way, I’m still excited for it! 

4. What are your other hobbies apart from Poptropica? Do you play any other games?

 I’m an artist, writer, occasionally play around on the piano, and gamer. I recently got a PS4 for Christmas and I’ve been playing The Last Guardian on it lately. I also play The Sims on my PC. 

5.If you could have a new feature on Poptropica what would it be?

If I could add a new feature, maybe to add on to Friends, a status bar for your friend, showing if they are online, what island they’re playing, or what common room they are in. That’d be cool. (Oh, and bring the pause button back please. It would be helpful for me.) 

6.How did your Poptropican look when it was fresh from the box?

My Poptropican fresh out of the box looked something like this. 

Ah, 2010 memories…

7. If you could wear anything,  what would it be?

Um.. to be honest; I’m actually happy with what my Poptropican is currently wearing, to the point I’m having a hard time coming up with what my dream clothes would be for her, haha 😅

8.What could the creators have done to make Poptropica better?

I feel like in order to make the game better, I feel that the Creators should keep in mind what they want to do – which I have read is provide a mix of storytelling, education, and entertainment. Make sure not to forget their roots as they move to this new chapter in development. (Also bring back the pause button please 😜) 

9. If you could make an island, what island would you make?

Before I found out I was too old to participate in the contest, I had an idea of an island about infiltrating a forest tomb through a series of puzzles. The goal is to get a cure to a curse another explorer was affected with. I remember being eager to share the idea, yet as I said, I was too old. 

10. What is your username?                                                                                                                                  

My username is 1313cookie if you want to friend me! ^_^ 

Anyway,  sorry for the font and how the text is structured. Gmail, am I right? Bye!

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