Typically Terrific Tuesdays… Skills Needed for Poptropica, and the Adventures of Magic Sinker  

Hello! Sorry that the title is long, but I needed to get it out there. Here is the first part of the post for today!

There are many gaming skills in the world, some of which Poptropica definitely needs. Such as:

  • Being able to either have a sharp mind to process your challenges and be able to defeat them, or use a guide. Yup, use a guide.
  • Being patient. If you aren’t,  you better stop playing otherwise you might join the I Hate Poptropica blog!
  • Get experience from other players. His will help because some players are really good, and are friendly enough to help you.
  • Get experience from easy islands. Do this because if you start on the hard ones, it will take longer to finish. This might not work for everyone, though. 
  • Understand that this is just a game, and shouldn’t take up all your time. This final point is the most important one of all, because if you take it too seriously, then you might end up being a Popropi-nerd,  and do nothing else.

We’ll,  I might be developing the Poptropica Author Syndrome, but who cares?!? I don’t! So I’ll do Timmy Failure today, but sorry I am postponing the series release till March. Because my interest in doing it declined majorly, but now I want to do it again!

Earlier that day I found myself just below my blimp, and was in a non familiar place. Was this Poptropica? I wondered. Nope, it was Timmy Failure Island. And I knew that it was, because I saw him a few seconds later, hiding quietly in a green bush. “People on this island are completely crazy…”

Sory guys, I can’t give it all out since it isn’t yet all ready, but other news: I have decided the date of the party, 18th February 2017, And I will be giving out the Multiverse codes on my discord server, which I will give you soon. Anyways, bye!

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