Mystery Mondays… Spread the Love of Pop!

Hello! As most of you know that Valentine’s Day is approaching, this post will be solely about Valentine’s!

Which island do you love the most? I love Pelican Rock Island! Not the point… anyways, this post will guide you on how to spread the joy this lovey-dovey season, and what not to do, and not only just for Valentine’s, but for ever after.

First, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about Poptropica! How can you play the game yet you don’t even have the nerve to come out and say what it means to you!

I know this might seen a bit weird, but seem like you’re having fun while playing, so that you make Poptropica look even worse than some peeps think it is. 

Try to be active on the community. Most of us are nice and would just love your company. Unless you are Dr. Hare. Or Director D. But just one tip that will last you a lifetime: don’t take Pop too seriously, it is just a game and you have other things to do.

Anyways, Bye!

Sorry I just love this pic too much!

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