Thoughtful Thursdays. . . Total, Utter Randomness: Environments in Poptropica!

Hello! I meant to post this yesterday but one,  but then again, I didn’t. Back to the topic, as you may have seen in the title, I am doing a theory about the environment in Poptropica. If you don’t understand what that means, in Layman’s language, it means stuff like farming, tropicality, and overall the way islands have plants etc.

Here is the list of some islands, I’ll post the next five in one of the next posts. Can you guess which iland is which? 

  1. This was a non-Poptropica island,  but was sunny, and warm. There were a couple of animals that didn’t come from that place, though. I think this island was a beauty.
  2. This island had a lot of fauna, but in only one class. It had fertile soil, so it wasn’t completely non-enviromental-friendly. But it didn’t have lots of plants, and no clouds in the sky so it seemed hot.
  3. This island was set at nighttime, so I couldn’t tell which season it was. But there were a lot of buildings, resulting in not much plants.  But, there was a section in this island that had a little fauna.
  4. This island had a farm, and was definitely not sterile, and in the end it was looking like a mixture of fall/autumn and spring. I gave this one away, didn’t I…
  5. His island was a tropical island, and is probably sunny all year round here. I think this island had one of the best environments, respectful of both flora and fauna.

The first people to guess each island will have their blogs featured here! I won’t post them until all the island are guessed correctly, though. So start guessing! It ends on Wednesday, 6 P.M Eastern Time. Bye!

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