Silly Saturdays… Krazy Kool Movie Magic!

Heyyo! I’m here with a theory… is Poptorpica just one big 2D audience-inclusive movie? And we are the star? Here is Magic Sinker bringing you the news:

There are many theories about your Poptropican, and good ones, too. But here is a theory that I think you’ll never forget: is Poptropica a movie?  Maybe, maybe not. But I have some evidence to support my theory.

Your Poptropican has been in several islands in which they were famous (I’m not going to go down a rabbit-hole, TC has already made a theory about our Poptropicans being famous), but how do they know where to go? At which time? It’s a script! And how do they not die in mini games? Exactly! Special effects!

But this still isn’t proper evidence. We still need to get down to the real stuff. First, there was a whole magazine and Poppie award-giving ceremony, courtesy of the PHB, and our Poptropicans could be on it. Not any random Poptropican, but the hero of the movie. Also, how do our Poptropicans appear on the avatar studio? Answer: they’ve already been taken a headshot when first being applied for the job. Or a body shot.

Reality TV island and Back Lot island support my theory. On reality TV, it was a movie inside a movie (or at least a TV show inside a movie), and Back Lot Island was where your Poptropican actually gets to shine, being the star of many movies. Did you see the paparazzi at the end?

Maybe, just maybe, our Poptropicans are a secret group of stars in their own movies that meet in the common rooms, and the questions they ask each other are movie codewords! Anything is possible in the world of Poptropica. So, I’ve come to say that this theory might be possible,  and the Poptropicans just don’t want the crowds, the limelight, and the fame.

Keep in mind that this is just a theory, and it is really unlikely to be true/possible.  

What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments section below!

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