Fun Fridays… Why Should We Play Poptropica?

Yelloh! Me iz comin’ to you wiz some news (sorry it’s late)… why should people play Poptropica? I’ll explain.

So, all of us (hopefully) love Poptropica, and we all have our own reasons why we do. For the people who think Poptropica is just a confusing word made for fun (BTW it’s pronounced POP-TROP-IH-CUH), we shall not fail in convincing them that it is capturing.

  • First of all, I would like to say that Poptropica is a game that is safe for kids of all ages, and very interesting. But Poptropica is a game in which you either like it, or not. Luckily, we like it.
  • Next, Pop is a game where you can be creative, and have nobody bully you. It’s just impossible! Even in common rooms!
  • The islands are hard and easy, for the new and old Poppleton player. So you better Pop on to Poptropica!
  • As I mentioned before, Pop is safe. You can’t give personal info or swear, etc, etc.
  • My personal opinion is that Poptropica is unique in its game play,  and just plain FUN!

Sorry if that was short,  guys. It’s just that it’s nighttime over here and I need to go. Maybe I’ll update it later! I am also working on a Poptrivia, and can’t say more. Bye!

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