Wondering Wednesdays… Island Showdown #3, The Adventures of Magic Sinker #2 Continuation, and a Surprise at the End!

Hey peepolz! JSYK, Sporty Boa made a new blog! Check it out Here! OK, let’s get on with it.

In my cell, I was told, by two guards, one stupid one named Nightingale. Food, clothing, and shelter, huh? Well I won’t be here for long. I thought, giving her the Evil Eye. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a cup, and immediately I knew that I would use this in the future.  If not, it would still be a free cup! I’ve got nothing to lose I thought aloud.

And with that, I shut my eyes and went to sleep.

Sorry that it was short, it’s just that I don’t want to give away anything before the release date. Here is the island showdown! Best first,  worst last!

  1.  Twisted Thicket: I like this island because it had fun characters, such as trolls, and had an interesting plot.
  2. Cryptids: I liked this island mostly because of the creepy  monsters. I don’t get scared easily, so it was fun to see how hard they were trying to make us creeper out. Unlike Nice Snowball… wink wink!
  3. Poptropolis Games: This island was amazing… mostly because I had just joined Poptropica, and Wildfire won! Woo-hoo! Years later, it’s back! Worth the wait!
  4. Realms: I don’t know if it counts as an island,  but it was good in its own way. If you look past all the bugs, this Minecraft-like island has a lot of potential!
  5. Counterfeit Island: Black Widow. Do I need to say more? No.

And the bad ones…

  1. Timmy Failure: You all know that I don’t like sponsored islands, and I didn’t like this one because it was all just one big flashback. Why do it if you’ve already done it? IKR?
  2. Mission Atlantis Episode 1: This island was way to easy and was all just about getting the key from the dude. Then what? Nothing! 
  3.  Super Villain Island: Going into Supervillains’ brains? Doesn’t make sense to me. I like super power island way better!
  4.  Nabooti Island: Yes, the cellphone totally rocked. But I just didn’t understand the story! Choose your own adventure? Maybe it is because I’ve never played it before, though.
  5.  Red Dragon Island: I hated this island because it was tough, and I like challenges, but this island was tough in a bad way.  Not like Astro-knights.

That ends our list as of today! The surprise is… We have another author! More about this if you stay tuned! And, the details of the party will be posted, be on the lookout! Bye!

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