A Very Terrific Tuesday Indeed!

Hi! As I said yesterday, I am gonna do an interview with Fierce Flyer today! Double B was supposed to post today, but due to done technical errors, she couldn’t do it. Anyways, here it is! Enjoy! BTW, have you seen my fan Art on the fan Art page?

1. What is your favorite island in Poptropica?

My favorite Poptropica Island has to be Night Watch Island, the story line for me is awesome and guarding a mall from theft makes it even better.
2. What is your least favourite island?

My least favorite Island is definitely Galactic Hot Dogs, it was short, the story line was poor, and the visuals weren’t that good either.
3. Are you excited about the Poptropica Worlds coming out this Spring?

I’m super excited for Poptropica Worlds coming this Spring, I can’t wait for the new features and Islands coming!
4. What are your other hobbies apart from Poptropica? Do you play any other games?

Other hobbies outside of Poptropica would be drawing, definitely reading, typing stories, playing basketball and playing sports video games.
5. If you could have a new feature on Poptropica what would it be?

If I could add a new feature to Poptropica it would be the option to create your own multiverse designs, that would be cool!
6. How did your Poptropican look when it was fresh from the box?

Honestly I’m not sure what I looked like, and I also don’t know what his name was, however he did have spiky hair and a smirk so I decided to use that for future designs.

7. If you could wear anything , what would it be? 

If I could wear anything it’ll be probably a custom hoodie maybe a blue one with gray or cyan highlights.
8. What is your username? 

My username is muuuuuuuuuuu4, yeah it’s pretty long.

OK! Look forward to a surprise post soon! Sorry it was short. C U L8ER!

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