Mystery Mondays. . . MPIP, and a New Ad! 

(UPDATE: sorry, I posted this before school at 6:00 A.M so I was super tired and rushing. Sorry again! ) Hi, Poptropicans! Magic Sinker here! I have a special MPIP, mine of course! It was posted on the PHB.


2012 | Funbrain

One day in third grade, when I was playing some random game on Funbrain in the computer lab at my old school during our free time, I noticed an advertisement with some Poptropicans on it. Of course, at that time I did not know what Poptropicans were, and I ignored the advertisement and continued playing the other game.

A few weeks later, while I was on the Funbrain website again reading a book called Tessa’s Tree, the advertisement was back. This time, I decided to press it just for my curiosity to be fulfilled. The new game opened in a new tab, and went straight to the log in page. I made my first account, Cheerful Heart. You can friend her, the user name is flowerfriends8, though I no longer use the account.

2013 | From “What do I do now?” to “Welcome to the PHB, Cheerful Heart!”

Since at the time I did not know how to play the islands, all I did was buy one costume (the Rockstar) and costumize off of her. I went to Wild West Island, and started playing it. Just then, a light bulb went off in my head… use a guide! To this very day, my old account still has the hat for one of the cowboys of the island.

At that time, I started using the PHB for help, and I have completed Mystery Train, Wild West, and Mystery of the Map Island on that account. Also, this was the time when I was obsessed with Poptropica, and tried to beat all the islands. I told most of my friends about Poptropica, too! Back then, I was quite young and not very good at playing the islands, and it was no wonder I was not able to complete even ten of them.

2014–early 2016 | Poptropica on Hold

I put Poptropica on hold for a couple of years as life got busier: I moved schools, was busy with schoolwork, and so on. Poptropica became just a memory to me; I never thought about it anymore. I have not used my Cheerful Heart account since 2013.

After a few months, I did remember Poptropica – I always wanted to go back to it, but I did not have the time (or internet) to play. I kept on checking the PHB for updates, but I never actually played the game.

Late 2016 | My Friends and a Golden Era

Once I got into middle school, I started playing Poptropica again! A new girl joined my school (her Poptropican’s name is Nice Snowball, and her username is starphire88), and I thought: I should make her feel comfortable by playing a game with her!

I didn’t know what game we could play together, but then it hit me: Poptropica! I felt just like I was yellingEureka! We went onto the Chromebook laptops, and I taught her the basics of the game. At that point, I also made a new account, which I still use now: Magic Sinker (username is shayshaygamer). I also taught my other good friends how to play, and now they are part of the fandom!

2017 and Beyond | Back to Poptropica…

As of this new year, I have completed 10 Islands on my new account, and I am working on completing more. I have also made a Poptropica blog with my friends called The Poptastic Blog, and I am active in the community.

Also, there is a new ad about Trolls, the movie. Look out for it on Home Island! Tomorrow I am going to do an interview with Fierce Flyer!

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