Super Sundays… Discussion: Is Poptropica Suffering a Slow and Painful Death?

Hello, Poptropicans. I’m afraid I have bad news for you today. Not that it’s completely true, but I’m just doing it to get it out there.

The discussion/theory today is that Poptropica could be dying. Of course, nobody is happy for this but it is actually happening and are the creators doing anything to help? No! No offense, though. First, Poptorpica hasn’t been producing any new islands, and even though we might be waiting for the New Pop, some our most beloved and popular islands might not be on the New Poptropica. From research, Poptropica reached its peak about 7 years ago in 2010, which lasted to 2012. Now, the Creators are just trying desperately to find new ways to get Poptropica famous again, though no offense again, Creators, but you are failing miserably.

I know that we all love Poptropica and hold it dear to our hearts, but I guess in about two years it might have disintegrated so much that we wouldn’t even have the Popcommunity. I love poptropica, but it might be time to let it go if this New Poptropica isn’t what I expected it to be, and it is probably not what I expected it to be. Though, it might be better!

Nobody get offended, but Poptropica WILL become boring if the Creators don’t think of anything new. As stated in TCPB, I also think that the Creators are trying to make Poptropica more ‘modern’, though personally I like it just the way it is, but please, if the Creators are reading this, add some new features that we all want to happen. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m hyped for the Poptropica Worlds, and I will like to see how it’ll be. If it is actually worse than 2016 has been, I WILL QUIT!

And Creators, please don’t take too much time patching up the glitches, Poptropica is fine the way it is. Or are the Creators working on something else nobody knows about, something even more sinister that this New Poptropica? Who knows!?! And, sorry to say, but I think that the community will decrease instead of increase, because unless the creators do something-anything to make Poptropica more fun, nobody new will join the community, and the old people will become adults and think about their jobs more than a childish game. Unless their job is to be a Creator.

On a related note: The Creators are trying too hard to be modern and cool! They are tweeting too much, making way too many contests that are just getting a bit annoying, and nothing new; I mean, lemme quote somebody in my class, “Once I tried Poptropica, and I said,”What’s so fun about this trash!””! And most of the class agreed! Sneaky Lightning, Brave Burger and Greedy Clown you know what I’m talking about!

I still love Poptropica, and have been playing since 2013, but really, if Poptropica continues on like how last year was, I am sure it won’t last until this time in two years. And there are no new updates! I mean, the only thing that the Creators care about is how cool they are, and their social media. Again, please do not take this badly, I’m just explaining my feelings. Most bloggers agree with me. And about the updates; we’ve been getting literally nothing, apart from the outfits in the shop which you can’t even call updates!

Don’t even get me started on that freaking app! If this is how The Poptropica Worlds will be, I will make a petition against it. Also, why is Poptropica trying to get an older audience? The younger players won’t be able to do the contests, or see the latest news. I mean, I’m 11, and even though I have a Twitter account, what about the other 11 year olds who don’t?  They quite certainly have good ideas for costumes and what not, but cannot do anything about it! Focus on the game, Creators, not how cool it is. They’ve gotten  a Snapchat account, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, and Discord, so please, try harder on Poptropica Worlds!

I know I probably cannot do better, but I am just giving you ideas!

What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Super Sundays… Discussion: Is Poptropica Suffering a Slow and Painful Death?

  1. tallmeloniscool says:

    Everyone keeps saying Poptropica is not dying but it is! Look on the google trends Poptropica is dropping! I agree so much like if anything starts to become Hip and cool and all, all that does it make the the thing drop! Like when TV shows start trying to be Hip and cool and adding memes it just makes bad reviews! So poptropica plz just stop focusing on being hip and cool plz!


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