Silly Saturdays. . .  Poptropica Worlds Q&A, a Discussion, and a Continuation of The Adventures of Magic Sinker #1

You peeps, your favorite author here, Magic Sinker! Today I’ll host a discussion, and you’ll be able to post it on your blog as long as you link it to mine)!

OK, we all probably know that the Poptropica Worlds is coming out in his Spring. But until then, we have many unanswered questions about it. We already know a great deal, for example, how the Poptropicans will/would look, due to Binary Bard and Dr. Hare, but what are the answers to the following questions? (If you have your own answers, you can post them on your blog or put them in the comments):

  • Q: Will all the islands be transported to the Poptropica Worlds?          A: Maybe they will, but I highly doubt that it will happen in a short amount of time because there are lots of islands!
  • Q: Will Poptropica gain or lose members?                                                     A: I think Poptropica will both gain and lose members, because some players might not like the New Poptropica, but it might advertise itself well, and new people would join it.
  • Q: Will the Creators postpone it again?                                                          A: I personally don’t think they will because last year they didn’t set a fixed date, and this year they did, so they’ll probably keep it like that. If they postpone it  again, I am pretty sure I’ll have a RANT!
  • Q: How shall us he Poptropicans have a ‘unified’ story?                          A: Maybe we’ll be able to interact with each other out of the common rooms, or join forces to defeat a common enemy, though the latter would be pretty hard to do.
  • Q: Will it be more or less glitchy?                                                                     A: I’m guessing it’ll be less glitchy because, well, it’s a new game on a new type of flash (or whatever it’s called), Unity, and they have probably tried to fix all the bugs before it is out, and that might be the reason it has taken so long to come out.

Now, here is the story that I’ve been working on…

“Thump!” I couldn’t see anything,  the rising sand was blurring my eyesight.  “Where am I?” I pondered, getting up, and dusting myself off. Suddenly, there came a screeching (See what I did there? It’s from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, sorry, I’ve been reading too much of it. Brave Burger, Sneaky Lightning, Greedy Clown, you know what I’m talking about!) from behind me. A monkey.

To see, the Monkey seemed to be calling me. At that same moment, I realised that I wasn’t in Poptropica anymore! How daft and blind had I been, blind as a bat! I started getting dizzy. Where was my flying instructor? Was I alive or was this just my ghost?

“Wait, I’m Magic Sinker! Of course I’ll be alright! I never die! My species never dies!” (I’m doing a theory on that at this very moment, look out for it sometime next week!) The words sounded much better in my head. Soon, when I was feeling a bit better, I chose to follow that seemingly intelligent monkey, and I was as silent as midnight.  I thought I saw a wrench, but it was all just me and my delirious imagination, I thought…

Should I continue this series? Write your houses in the comment section! Please be nice though, rude comments or ones that don’t follow The Poptastic Blog rules will be unapproved and maybe you’ll be banned from this blog if you already had a warning. Sorry that I’m saying this now, I should have told his to you when the blog started! Bye!

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