Thoughtful Thursdays… Pollz n’ Quizzez, and My First Official Theory: Do Our Poptropicans Have a Home?

Heyyo! Today I am going to post some polls and quizzes but I will do the theory first. Do our Poptropicans have a home? And do you like kittens or puppies better?

 I don’t think that Poptropicans have a home. They have a home island, though. But do they actually have a house that they eat and sleep in? No! That’s the reason why I think they journey from island to island for them to survive. Or maybe their parents kicked them out of their home because they were too adventurous (cruel!)? But do our Poptropicans even have parents? I’ll do a theory on that one day.

Anyway, back to the theory. Maybe home island is their house. As in, what if ‘New You’ was their bedroom, the Arcade their living room where they have guests over, the ledge on top of the Arcade their bed, and the Blimp would be their mode of transport(The last one would do be the most plausible one)?

Maybe they got tired on surviving on barely anything, and decided to hop through islands, saving people to get food (Example: Pelican Rock: the food that tasted DISGUSTING), or shelter? But what about the time where there was no home island, and the Poptropicans’ only home was the blimp…

Wait,  let’s rewind back until Survival Island Episode 1 was released, and your blimp was destroyed in the trees… did you rebuild it when Monkey Wrench Island came out? No, no! That was because, thanks to home island, you were able to find a new blimp, that was exactly like your old one! OK, we’re going down a rabbit-hole chasing rabbits… back to the theory.

Maybe Early Poptropica was our old home? After all, it was the first islands to come out. Why don’t we visit it any more? WHY? Simple explanation, Magic Sinker, don’t go nuts. It’s just because Early Pop isn’t modern anymore. Another rabbit-hole? Ugh! Anyways, I’ve proved my point that Home Island is not our home, though maybe the Poptropicans have a home that we don’t know about…

What are your thoughts on this? Share your comments in the comments section below. Keep in mind that this is just a theory, and I highly doubt that it is true.

Now, for the quiz… here is the Link! It is titled: how well do you know Poptropica?

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