Fun Fridays… Talk About Glitches!

Hey Poptropicans! Magic Sinker with yet another post! Today, as you’ve seen in the title, I will be talking about Poptropica Glitching and its history.

We all love Poptropica glitches and it has changed all of Poptropica forever. The good glitches, I mean. I’ll talk about two types of Glitching,  the good and the bad. This post is gonna be really long, but once you start you can’t stop so better keep reading!

The good Glitches: 

Poptropica has many glitches, good and bad, and the good glitches started way back when Monster Carnival Island was about to come out, but got mysteriously cancelled. Some of the costumes got leaked, and meh dunno how! This continued on until easter eggs came up, marking the world of Glitching Poptropica. Some are: the easter egg on one of the towers at Early Poptropica, the viking outfit in Time Tangled, and the most famous one, the Nabooti Cell Phone. There was also a 20 island countdown, with the 20th island being Shrink Ray Island, and I won’t get into the details because that would be really going down the rabbit hole, chasing 20 rabbits looking for the details. See? I am doing it again! Don’t worry, you can still check it out on the Creators Blog.

Then came the NPC costumizing glitches, along with the handheld item glitches. Some random glitchmakers found out how to hack the NPC files and get their uncostumizable clothing. Now, it’s really rare not to be able to glitch something off of an NPC. As for the handheld items, there are such glitches as: the glowstick glitch on Early Poptropica, and the glitch where you can hold the drink from the Carrot Diner on 24 Carrot.

Also, there are the key glitches (that only happen on Non-SUIs). They work like this: if you press a certain key, or perform a certain action, something would happen. Example: S on a Non-SUI makes you skip a dialogue.

There are also in game glitches, that started long time ago before the first Sound Updated Island came out. The only one I know of is the one on Wimpy Wonderland, in which you can skip eating the yucky soup given to you by Greg’s grandpa. No, you won’t trick me, I’m not going down a rabbit-hole again! I’ve never heard of a common room glitch,  but there might be some out there!

Finally, there came the Avatar Studio Glitches, more commonly known as the ASG (Avatar Studio Gift, made by the PHB), and the iPop glitch. The ASG came out either last year or 2016, I’m not sure… this glitch made you be able to get rare costumes which you wouldn’t be able to get without it. Thanks a lot, PHB! And I am not being sarcastic. There are glitches such as closed eyes, realms creatures, etc. They even made some Inside Out characters! I especially love Bing Bong’s because of his angry looking eyes. The username is BingBongPHB I wonder how he was made! There’s also a Kung-fu Panda costume!

On the other hand, iPop had less costumes than the ASG, but they were both awesome glitches! I liked the ASG better because you don’t have to download it. But iPop is great because it has other glitches that I prefer because they are unique. There is one in which you can get the Dr. Hare Doll in your hands, and another where you can get Scheherazade’s genie form tattoo under your eye. That’s all that I know of for the good glitches!

Now here are the bad ones:

Yes, we all know Poptropica is a world full of glitches. But when did they start? Well, they pretty much started when Poptropica itself started! I have experienced many glitches, but they were mostly on SUIs. Virus Hunter marked the beginning of the end of Poptropica! The end is before us! Lo! I’m going down a rabbit-hole! Actually, this is true because when I was playing the island, it does the infamous loading glitch which is color-coded red for having to restart the island! Should I list more of my sad, sad glitches? Yes, yes I will…

  • Arabian Nights Episode 2: when I was escaping from Brutus  (I call him Basta from my favourite book trilogy, Inkheart), there were two glitches: when I was about to roll the barrels, I fell through the ground and the screen showed that I had been caught yet I wasn’t even close to Brutus! I literally screamed and almost threw the chrome book across the room. I reported a bug, and then 5 seconds later, it was working! I felt really embarrassed… the second glitch would be when I was climbing the rope in that same place, one of the thieves pinned me to the wall and punched me endlessly, until Brutus passed me and it said I was caught.                                                    
  • Escape from Pelican Rock Island: when I was escaping, I gave the guard at the workplace the wrong drill bit, she accepted it, and then SHE TOOK MY SECOND ONE!!!!! I cried for hours on end! No, not really. I cried for a few seconds until I started screaming. Another glitch from this island from my friend, Brave Burger, was when she fell through the vents into the kitchen, and the work area where you create number plates. Nobody was there, so she was stuck there. Stuck.                                                               
  • Monkey Wrench Island: I died. Do I need to say more? Sure! I was talking to my counterpart, and then I froze, and fell off the blimp. I lay dead on the beach. I know this sound weird, but it also happened to Brave Burger, and Prickly Knuckle, too.                                                       
  • Spy Island: the chameleon suit didn’t work. I wasn’t moving, and it still didn’t work. Finally, I restarted the island and it worked.               
  • Shrink Ray Island: this happened to double B: she wasn’t able to flush the thumb drive because she didn’t receive he information from CJ, yet she had done all she needed to do.                                            
  • Common Room Glitch: whenever I am in a common room, I start jumping around stupidly, looking like a fool. And I couldn’t stop.         
  • Arabian Nights Episode 3: When I was on the Magic Carpet, I started awkwardly circling around the genie, and I fell of. Then, I couldn’t move without the carpet, so I had to restart it. Good for me! Ah, the power of sarcasm.        
  • Time Tangled Island: I kept on jumping out of the tram in the future, and when I finally got on, the wind on the top didn’t help me get up. Not that it was supposed to. And not that type of wind…                          
  • There is also the eye glitch, which looks really silly. It’s never happened to me, though it happened to Brave Burger. Sometimes, her eyes freeze and they look like they’re about to pop right out of their sockets!

I have many more, but I won’t go on. For you the people’s sake. There is also the card glitch. This glitch comes from the store, whenever you buy some cards. Beware, though, it only happens on some cards. For example,  it happened to my Multiverse Card, where when I pressed it, NOTHING HAPPENED! And it is still like that until now! Thanks a bunch, glitches! Last glitch of the paragraph: the Booted Bandit’s hair looked nothing like mine! She didn’t have my headphones or my side swept bangs!

Sometimes, there are some glitches that aren’t good, but not the worst either. One of them was the Monkey mini game (where you have to get the red balloon) on Back Lot Island was going way too slow and being shot without even going next to the canons. Also, in the store, all the costumes were jumbled up, and the white terrier actually had red lips on it! Though I think this glitch happens to most Poptropicans.

Another type of glitch is a clothing glitch. I was wearing Atom Power, and then the next second it was gone! Same to my Berry Scary Monkey Follower, my White Terrier, and my Pirate Bird turning into a bee or disappearing completely! In the Avatar Studio, when I searched myself, I came up as Undefined Undefined, someone with an afro, snow white skin, a white vest, black pants and a wide grin. I think you know what I’m talking about One time, when I was playing with my friend, Brave Burger,  it said ‘I’m busy but you can still friend me’ or somehing to that tune, yet first, I had already friend education her, and she wasn’t busy at all, I was sitting next to her and she was just standing there.

Thanks for reading! Now all must bow to me! Help! Zeus has taken over! MUAHAHAHA! The less gruesome thing to do would be to comment or like this post or follow! NOW! Otherwise I will join Omegon and TAKE OVER ALL OF POPTROPICA! OK, Zeus is gone now, but listen to what he’s saying! Otherwise he’ll capture me! I am being captured! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! *Omegon covers my mouth and Zeus whacks me silly!*

9 thoughts on “Fun Fridays… Talk About Glitches!

  1. Lucky Wing says:

    Geez, sounds like you’ve got a glitchy Poptropican too! Mine, If I just get on an island SUI, whether I’ve been on it or not, I’ll start the island, but when I get on later/the next day, it’ll restart me, THEN something really important won’t work! So I have to restart. Not to mention the bizarre handhelds that keep appearing in Lucky’s hands.
    Oops. Here I am rambling while Zeus takes over your blog.

    *Pulls out spud gun* On it.

    Liked by 1 person

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