Wondering Wednesdays… Island Showdown #2 and The Adventures of Magic Sinker #3

Hey peeps! Magic Sinker here… sorry, this was meant for yesterday. I have yet another island showdown! Don’t stop reading once it’s over, there is the Adventures of Magic Sinker after it!

The Top 5 good islands:

  1. Astro-knights: this island was amazing (though I haven’t played it yet😂) because it was a classic non-SUI that actually showed a real time on earth which in this case is the Medival Times. I hope I spelled it correctly!? And you get to go to the moon! I think!                    
  2. Arabian Nights Episode 3: I thought this island was fun and didn’t take too long to complete,  and had an excellent storyline especially for an island not made by a creator. I liked the happy ending when Scheherazade became good, and went back to her father!                         
  3. Survival Episodes 1-4: I liked these islands because the first three actually helped you if you came across a forest, and got lost in it, and I just liked four because it was fun trying to escape, just like I liked Escape from Pelican Rock Island.                                                                      
  4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I liked his island even hough it was definitely not the best, because it was awesome going into he chocolate factory, and seeing the oompa-loompas! Random: #KittiesFTW!!! Sorry, LW, I like kitties more than duckies. Sorry, I should have posted this in the comments section!!!                                   
  5. Monster Carnival: I liked this island because it remained a mystery until a few years back, forcing us to remain in suspense. And also, it was as good as we expected it to be. Yay!

And now, the top 5 bad islands:

  1. Survival Episode 5: I didn’t like this stand at all because all you did was run from Myron Van Buren, which was terrible due to her fact that if you made even one mistake, you’d have to go back to your last checkpoint.                                                                                                       
  2. Wimpy Wonderland: This island was promoting the series, as it was the first wimpy kid book island. The reason it was bad is because all you did was chase Manny,  and now you have to be a member to play the island. The Twisted Wizard part of the game is one of the hardest for me, and so is climbing the senior citizens’ apartment building. I also think there are too many mini games.                               
  3. Wild West Island: This island was hard to play, no wonder some hater started the ‘I hate Poptropica’ blog. Yah, yah I know you get a horse and all, but still, the mini games such as slap jack were hard, and you didn’t see El Mustachio Grande until almost the end of the game (your pet would be jealous, to add to it). Getting a gun was fun, though.                                                                                                                       
  4. Big Nate Island: This island was bad, like most of the island that were promoting books. It didn’t actually have Poptropicans on the island apart from you, so I don’t get how it was actually a Poptropica island! Catz forevz! Sorry, random again…                                                    
  5. Virus Hunter Island: This island marked the beginning of the end times for Poptropica. It also marked the beginning of SUI, which meant glitches galore! There were so many glitches that I couldn’t even make it past the tutorial of the body (if you know what that means). The End Times are nigh! Sorry, I am feeling a bit random today.

    Here we go, to Timmy Failure Island FanFic…

    Corina Corina, the beast, approached the two of us. Covered in trash, and a bit dazed from the happenings of the day, I was in no mood for any tomfoolery. ‘Detective’ Timmy Failure’s pants were back, thanks to me. But no, Timmy Failure thought it was all about him, he was as bad as Corina Corina. “I was only trying to help you, Timmy!” Her shrill, high voice made me even more furious. And then, Timmy stated that he was he one who found his pants, alone. That’s not how I remember it. Not how I remember it at all…

    “And also, thanks for the garbage stink!” Corina Corina and I said in unison. “Joke’s on you, garbage stink is the ideal olfactory camouflage!” He shouted after us…

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