Terrific Tuesdays

Hi! I’m Greedy Clown, and I am a Poptropica player with a terrible name! I didn’t choose it, as I had no idea at the time that we even had names. (Please don’t laugh, it happens too much already)

My Poptropica Profile!

  1. Favorite island: 24 Carrot Island, because it has an awesome plot line, and I looove carrots!
  2.  Least favorite island: Zomberry Island, because it has a bad story line and the Zomberries don’t even look like real zombies!
  3. If I could make any island, it would be: An island where cats ruled the universe!!!!!!!
  4. If I could wear anything, I would wear: Blue shorts with a green shirt.
  5. What would the Creators have done to make Poptropica better: Better controls!!!

Bye now!


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