Mystery Mondays… The Adventures of Magic Sinker #2

Here is the second one! I hope that you enjoy… and sorry that I didn’t post over the weekend, I was busy.

Noooooo! Yelled the innocent senior citizen as her bag was being snatched by somebody in a coal-black mask. She dashed passed a snazzy rollerblader and I. Not on my watch! I said under my breath, racing in the direction that the robber left in. Up the hill we went. Was she my twin from a parallel world? Soon, we reached the top of the tower, and I caught her there. “The Booted Bandit?” I cried as she removed her mask. “So it is you?” And she replied, “Yup! My exact double! I will have to come back for the loot later. For now, the po-po are coming. I gotta scram!” And she shoved her mask onto my face, leaving the scene. “You’re going to jail, Booted Bandit, and you’ll never escape! Better make yourself comfortable!” I heard from behind me. I was framed…

This was the beginning of the Escape from Pelican Rock short story. Hope you’ve enjoyed the past two! My next one will be Timmy Failure!

P.S: It is in a different font because I copied and pasted, JSYK! MS drops the mic! Stay popping until I am back!

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