Thoughtful Thursdays… Island Showdown #1

Hi guys! Today I have a post about the islands of our beloved game. Today I am discussing about which Islands turned out the best, and the worst. I do not intend to offend anyone in this post, JSYK. Feel free to comment in the comments section below. Here are he top 5 good islands, and the top 5 bad islands in my opinion:

  1. Mythology Island: this island was good because it had a good storyline, and it was actually fun to play.
  2. Time Tangled Island: this island was good because it was really easy to finish, and was educational in a fun way.
  3. PoptropiCon: these islands were good because this was the first actually fun episodic island series, save for Arabian Nights. It also featured some superheroes who parodied some real life superheroes.
  4. Early Poptropica: this island was good even though it was easy, and it was a classic. If being the first islands ever made doesn’t do it for you, are you really a Poptropica fan?
  5. Last but definitely not least, Escape from Pelican Rock Island: this island is my ultimate favourite island because of it’s hard-to-beat plot. Even though it’s just like escaping Alcatraz, it’s still good because it has a lot of fun elements to it. And, it is one of the only good islands that came out in 2015+ (considering MotM and Monkey Wrench Island)

 Well, now here are the top 5 bad islands:

  1. Mystery of the Map Island: this island was bad because it had a terrible storyline and was just promoting the series.
  2. Mystery Train Island: this island was bad because all you had to do was walk around the train, learning interesting but unnecessary facts.
  3. Skullduggery Island: this island was bad because it was so hard just to go around to different areas, and try to make money to buy the Phoenix Warbid ship.
  4. Galactic Hot Dogs Island: this was just a bad island based on the original amazing island, astro-knights, and trying to promote the book series. 
  5. Last and definitely least, Monkey Wrench Island: this island was the worst of all islands because it didn’t even have a good storyline. Yah, it told us how we got the blimp, but even if the island was for learners, it was not very useful, and could have been done way better.

Keep in mind that these are just my opinions, and please, do not get insulted. Bye!

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