An Interview with Purple Claw

Hi! Today I will be interviewing your fave Clawtropica author, PC!

1. Hi, Purple Claw! Today I will interview you about all thing Poptropica! First of all, what is your favorite island and why?

Heyo, Magic Sinker! Hmm, I actually can’t chose! I have two favorites, though: Arabian Nights and Astro-Knights!

2. What is your least favourite island, and why?

Mystery of the Map Island. It’s super annoying and has a dumb storyline.

3. Is Poptropica your favorite game? If so, why? Give three reasons as to why you like it.

Yes, Poptropica is indeed my favorite game! Well, it’s just super fun! The islands are amazing, the Poptropica extras are cool, and it has an awesome fandom!

4. How long have you been running your Clawtropica blog? Are you an author of any other Poptropica blogs?

I’ve been running Clawtropica for almost 9 months and I’m having so much fun blogging! #BloggingForLife

5. When did you first start playing Poptropica? And how did you discover it? (I think you can read about the history of Purple Claw on his MPIP on the PHB)

I won’t get into the details, but feel free to read my MPIP (

6. Do you play any other games apart from Poptropica? Please give some examples.

I also play ROBLOX, but not too frequently. 😛

7. Who is your fave Poptropican? Why? (Yourself is not an option)

I met a lot of amazing people in this fandom, so I can’t really choose! Everyone is awesome!

8. How did your Poptropican look when he originally came out of the box? How old were you/ which year was this?

I made my current account (Purple Claw) on early 2015. I don’t exactly remember the way he looked, but I’m sure he was hideous!

9. Are you excited for the Poptropica Worlds? Why or why not?

Heck, yeah! I’m super hyped about it, and I just know it’ll be great! I can’t wait ’til Spring!

10. If you could create your dream island, what would it be?

Hmm, I’d really want to see a Steven Universe island! It’s my favorite show ever!!

11. If Poptropicans could wear anything they wanted to wear, what would yours be wearing?

I love my current outfit, and I don’t even want to think about changing it!

12. What is your username?

My username is Donatloul. Thanks for interviewing me! 😀

That is all for today! bye!

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