Super Sundays… An Update and New Features!

Hi! Today will be a long post, so better grab popcorn… First, we’ll update you on what is happening on the blog. We have created all the email addresses for the new authors:

  • And of course…

If you want to contact us on twitter, my username is @LydiaShayna, and on Snapchat it is shaynalydia. Follow me on Twitter to get our TOP SECRET info, and maybe even join the blog! Three is also a Twitter account for the blog, @Poptastic_Blog. We also have yet two other new features: the Draw-a-Poptropican: send a picture of what you want your Poptropican to look like, and we will draw it for you! We will feature two drawings every week, and only five Poptropicans can be drawn each Tuesday. The next one is the Poptastichat!  This is a Discord server in the making in which you can chat about poptropica or your blogs! (UPDATE: Here is the invite) Thumbs Up!

Also, today will be our first versus post. Feel free to comment or send us your view of the post. The winning comments/emails will be featured in our next versus a post. Enjoy!

New Poptropica vs. Poptropica Worlds…

What do you, the Poptropicans think is better?

  1. The New Pop is made to look and sound better as it was sneak peeked earlier than the Poptropica Worlds (the new shoes, etc.) And is what we have been anticipating over the last few months. However, the Poptropica Worlds seems more unique than the New Poptropica, and it looks like a fun, fresh concept that the creators are taking on.
  2.  Although the Poptropica Worlds might be greater fun than the New Poptropica, The New Poptropica might add lots of fun, new features that the Poptropica Worlds might not have, that we have been wanting ever since the beginning of Poptropica.
  3. I just noticed that the New Poptropica is the same as Poptropica Worlds…

So, here is another versus post to make up for the last one.

Arabian Nights vs. Time Tangled Island

This post is purely for you. Reply in the comment section to comment on which island you think is better! The winning island will be posted here soon! MS Out!

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