Mystery Mondays… My Poptropica Profile!

(UPDATE: This is supposed to be posted on Monday) Hi! We could not do a guest post today because, well… there was nobody to interview. So, I am doing a post about my Poptropican self!

Name: Magic Sinker


Lives: Home Island, Poptropica

Favourite Island: Escape from Pelican Rock

Reason: It is one of the hardest islands, and I like hard islands. I think it is fun, because you meet fun characters.

Worst Island: Definitely Monkey Wrench Island!

Reason: It is really freaking bad. The storyline is terrible, and there are so many glitches. I cannot even count it as an island!

Favourite Friends:

  • Brave Burger- private username
  • Greedy Clown- private username
  • Sneaky Lightning- private username
  • superstater
  • darkartist28
  • Purple Claw- donatloul
  • Friendly Fish- slantedfish
  • Prickly Knuckle- private username 
  • kj-cats-dogs
  • Cheerful Heart- flowerfriends8… my old account you can read about on MPIP.

That is all for now! Bye!

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