Thoughtful Thursdays… New Poptropica Questions! 

(UPDATE: Sory I was supposed to post this on Thursday) Hi and welcome to the first Thoughtful Thursday! Introducing… (drumroll, please) three new authors, Brave Burger, Sneaky Lightning and Greedy Clown! We still have 2 more open positions, SO SIGN UP FAST! 

Anyway, today I will have a discussion about the New Pop! Either a answer these questions on the comments section, or post them on your blog (make sure to link it to my blog!)

  1. In the new Poptropica,  would there be (moderated)player chat?
  2. What would happen if all the Poptropica villains join forces to destroy ALL OF POPTROPICA?!?
  3. Would there be a Poptropica world without the islands, just a big continental of some sort?
  4. Would our accounts be deleted due to her fact that Pop tropical would get a new app/website?
  5. If there were no more islands, would there need to be a blimp?
  6. Will he Popcommunity increase or decrease?

More questions Next Thursday! And maybe an All-out Rant!

We’ll also have two new features for the blog, I will tell you one now, and the next one well, um. .. later. Announcing. .. The Monthly Special! Starting next month,  I will be posting some different activities that correspond with Poptropican community! And, the ever-wonderful Fan-Art! Sorry that I’ve been posting short blog posts…lol;)😅. Bye!

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